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Offer Customers Free Shipping on Multiple Orders in WooCommerce

Shipping multiple packages to the same location costs you money, time, and forces your customers to pay shipping twice. For stores that offer pre-sale options or have delayed shipping allowing customers to combine multiple orders in to one shipment is a win for both parties.

This functionality is not readily available in WooCommerce by default. However a simple plugin can add this behavior!

Combined Shipping for WooCommerce Plugin

The simple plugin is currently hosted on GitHub (view the code).


Once you have installed the plugin the only remaining step is to enable free shipping in your zones. 

You can still apply any other restrictions such as minimum cart amount. Once enabled customers with orders still in the Processing state will see the following on checkout:

That’s it! Save yourself and your customers money and time. Offering free shipping on future orders is a great incentive to increase sales as well.


Use a custom order status:

By default the plugin checks for open orders with the Processing status. To change this use the following code snippet in your child theme’s functions.php file:

Change the free shipping label:

To change the text that is used for the free shipping label use the following code snippet in your child theme’s functions.php file:

Get the Plugin

Grab version 1.0.2 below and star the repository.

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