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Create Multiple Store Landing Pages in WooCommerce

One of BigBox’s most powerful features is the ability to create multiple dynamic store landing pages. What this means is instead of just having the standard /shop page URL you can easily create /summer-sale-items /mens-shorts, /top-sunglasses, etc. This is great for SEO because you are creating more content for your website and creating more opportunities to optimize your store for multiple keyword results.

Beyond SEO, having separate shop pages allows easy division of content. Stores that have large catalogs of potentially unrelated products can easily benefit from this. Default WooCommerce category archive pages act the same as the store’s index — so any filtering options persist no matter what products you are viewing. This becomes very awkward when viewing a category archive for blenders and filtering options for the entire store catalog are still present.

1. Create a Separate Shop Page

In BigBox, create a standard WordPress page. If you are using Gutenberg you can use WooCommerce’s product block to create the output of products you want.

WooCommerce Product Block

(Don’t worry that the product’s don’t look correct. They will appear properly on the frontend. I wrote about this issue in “The State of Gutenberg and WordPress Themes

Next, simply assign the “Shop” page template.

Assigned Page Template

2. Assign Custom Filters

By default BigBox will continue using the shop index’s sidebar content. If you visit Appearance > Widgets you will see a new widget area that has been created specifically for the new shop page. Simply add the widgets you want to appear just on page.

Separate Widgets

Used alongside FacetWP extremely flexible and powerful WooCommerce store landing pages can be created. You can see an example of this page on the Mega Store demo.

3. Create More

Simply repeat this process for other unique store pages that deserve their own attention. Separate your product filtering to ensure your users find exactly what they are looking for!

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