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Use WooCommerce and BigBox to Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

One of the biggest pain-points of running an online store is managing orders, inventory, and continuously expanding your product-line. But what if you did not have to deal with any of that? What if your store was comprised completely of other sellers managing their own products, and all you did was collect a commission? The Product Vendors plugin for WooCommerce provides exactly that

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Deco – Free Child Theme for BigBox

BigBox (as the name implies) was originally designed with the idea of making WooCommerce stores with thousands of products faster and more efficient. That goal was certainly achieved and is evident in the main theme demo which scores a 95% in a GTmetrix report with over 2,000 products. The advanced integration with FacetWP also ensure it’s easy to find the exact product you need

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Offer Customers Free Shipping on Multiple Orders in WooCommerce

Shipping multiple packages to the same location costs you money, time, and forces your customers to pay shipping twice. For stores that offer pre-sale options or have delayed shipping allowing customers to combine multiple orders in to one shipment is a win for both parties. This functionality is not readily available in WooCommerce by default. However a simple plugin can add this behavior!

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Use Jilt to Recover WooCommerce Carts and Decrease Page Load Time

Jilt is a SaaS (software as a service) that helps store owners recover abandoned carts and increase their revenue: Almost 70% of shoppers abandon a purchase after they’ve already placed products in the cart. This represents a significant amount of potential revenue that your store loses every day.Jilt helps you recover some of this lost revenue. Send recovery emails to customers to remind or encourage them to

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Create Multiple Store Landing Pages in WooCommerce

One of BigBox’s most powerful features is the ability to create multiple dynamic store landing pages. What this means is instead of just having the standard /shop page URL you can easily create /summer-sale-items /mens-shorts, /top-sunglasses, etc. This is great for SEO because you are creating more content for your website and creating more opportunities to optimize your store for multiple keyword results. Beyond SEO,

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Using FacetWP to Improve WooCommerce Product Filtering Performance

It is well known that people expect websites to load quickly. Shopping should be quick, easy, and painless; especially on the web. Any slowness or barrier between customers and your products can be disastrous. In fact a 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.  WooCommerce is hard at work optimizing their software to allow for faster queries

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Shopify vs. WooCommerce Stripe Processing Fees

WooCommerce’s Stripe payment gateway integration is freely available alongside the free WooCommerce eCommerce platform. Unlike Shopify which charges an additional transaction fee of 0.20% for using a 3rd party payment gateway, WooCommerce charges no additional fee.

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